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The Dilemma


After woking for almost 2 and a half months. I’m starting to have this dilemma. It’s the dilemma which all of us go through in life. Whether to continue working or just become a housewife..haha. I know i know most of you are probably going to laugh at me. But studies has shown and it has been proven that happy families do develop from the husband being the breader of the family and the wife takes care of the children.

In Malaysia, the number of divorce cases is increasingly high. Mostly due to the fact that women do not know how to play their role in the family. Either she is too busy with her work..till her husband finds somebody else or a second wife.

I’m sure non of us want this kind of drama happening to ourself.

I’m sure

Lets pray . Lets take a momment to pray for me you and everyone around the world. I’m not making decisions based on emotions here. I’m making them based on hard facts. Yes i would love to have allot of kids. Yes i would like to teach my own kids. and yes i would like to become a mother. But no icant do both if i’m working and have a full time job. Let alone if i become a doctor. I know how it’s like and i know what the working hours are like. You don’t need to convince or fool me.

It saddens me that i see so many mature and young docotrs who are not married yet but choose to ignore their real purpose of life which is to become a mother and decided to be single for the rest of their life. There are those like that. I don’t need to mention names.

Lets just stop till here

Till next time taaa.

Dr Salihah


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