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Please take 5 minutes to read this


In the name of Allah the most gracious the most mercifull

Maybe some of you would have read by previous post regarding me wanting to quit my job. Well let me just clarify that i am not planning on quiting fully. I will have to finish my housemanship first and then do what i really want to do.

Whe i was in Russia i really loved usrah. I was always very keen and anthusiastic about it. It’s just that my studies was bothering me. I didn’t perform well in class and i was always depressed about that. I almost wanted to quit medicine thinking this is not the pathway for me. But now that i have passed and graduated. Now the next issue is marriage

I can’t seem to find the right person at the right time at the right place. All the guys that comes to me seems very very selfish and only think about themselves. You would think that a guy doctor would be very gentlemenlike in my work place.. But no they are very selfish the way they treat wemen as a whole. Even my MO specialist who is a women says that in here the men are sexist. If you know what i mean

Anyways…so in my quest to find the right person other obsticles staeted coming by like my mother not agreeing with the whole thing and my dad totally being unsupportive of me getting married. I just feel like the whole world is not on my side.

So please do not judge me. Because you have no idea what i’ve been through and you do not walk in my shoes.

sincerely Me

shoe and jeans


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