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Surgical Posting

Assalamualaikum and a very good afternoon to all …
May Allah’s blessings be upon you all always.. Please do keep me in your prayers.

One of the chanllenge i have face in my 1st month of posting is gotting my self adjusted to the Malaysian system which is totally 90 degrees different from the russian system.

Actually you can just throw away all your russian notes because it probably wont help you much.

What are the issues that i face regularly as a first poster
1) Abbrevations
2) Lack of practical skills ( filling up forms, taking blood, ordering CT scans, etc etc)
3) Lack of practical knowledge.

As you know in Russia it is very hard for us to remember what we actually learn because we don’t put our knowledge into practice. You will actually understand how everything works once you start working because you are actually taking care of a patient your self and you will have to do all the steps. History taking, doing the necessary investigations, ordering Ct scans, reviewing them 3 times a day and following their progress up till the point they get discharged. This is something which we as a medical student rarely get to do. At least when i was a medical student that is.

You rarely have time to eat sometimes. So i suggest during you medical years to focus allot on your studies because it is going to help allot during your working life. As doctors like student who knows their stuff before working. Don’t do the mistake i made.


In the long run no matter how much you screw up. Don’t give up. Dont let some one bring you down so low to the point you feel like you want to quit because there are many others who wish to see you succeed and are praying for you.

:)))) SMILE..

No matter how tires. Always smile to patien, nurses and doctors. Having the right attitude is the way to go to get ahead.

All the best.

All i’ll keep you guys updated insyaAllah

Lovre DR Salihah.


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